Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Canon & Coffee

Canon Camera Bag with Coffee Cup
One night last week, Brian brought me a cup of coffee while I was on the sofa playing with the camera settings. I put my coffee cup down on the coffee table, next to my camera bag and voila! An instant photo subject!

Now, I'm still figuring out what the best settings are for most situations....I don't think I'll ever fully figure that out, but I'll try.

I took so many photos of these two objects, taking a sip of coffee every couple of photos, of course! I think I annoyed Brian (he was playing the XBox) 'cause I turned on the flash for a few of the photos and totally distracted him from destroying zombies. hehehe

So, then I increased and decreased the exposure settings. Flash Off. Flash On. hehehe

Then I tried out the automatic white balance (AWB) settings. No Flash. The XBox game level determined that one for me.

Of course, I had to change the angle of the adjustable lamp, which was the source of light for this photo. I moved the camera bag that the logo would appear crisp, and the inside of the cup had a slight reflection of light. I also like how the snap-clasps catch the light.

Once I took the photo into Picasa, I tried all kinds of effects. That's fun. That also wastes about 2 hours of precious sleep time lickety-split!

Ok. Point of story? I'm getting to it....
Just grab your camera and take photos.
Try different camera settings.
Don't be afraid to move things around to make a more interesting photo.
Share your photos and the story behind them.
Have fun :)


Anonymous said...

love this one!

Anonymous said...

love this one!

Corina said...

I almost deleted the photos I was taking, since I was just trying out different settings.