Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hummingbird Silhouette


A few weeks ago, I noticed some hummingbirds
flitting about the neighbor's yard among the flowers.

I've always enjoyed other people's photos
of these tiny feathered creatures and
wondered if I'd ever have the opportunity to
capture them in my own photographs.

So, I bought a feeder for them to visit our yard and
it didn't take long for hummingbirds
to begin hovering around it.

Even though it's shaded, it's still
no fun sitting outside in the heat of summer
waiting patiently for them to appear.

Thankfully, they typically appear in the latter part of the day.
So one day after work, I just camped outside,
sitting in the adirondack chairs, camera in hand, waiting.
I got bit by mosquitoes and even an ant
just as they appeared. 

I quickly snapped a few shots
and then waited again while one
hovered around the feeder.
After downloading the photos to
Picasa and making a few edits,
you see the photo above.

To me, it was worth the wait (and the bites)