Saturday, March 13, 2010

Road Signs of the Times

Along the way to Kentucky, we saw many informative signs,
and some that left us laughing until the next one.

Here are some road sign photos to give you the giggles too:

Road Sign: Bucksnort This was probably funnier in the suburban,
but just say it out loud and you'll laugh too

Road Sign: Wang's Chinese Buffet
Not the best photo, thru the passenger window at 70 MPH.

Needless to say, we didn't stop at
Wang's All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet.

Road Sign: Local Traffic Is there anyone that wants to drive into Local Traffic? There was no mention if it was light or heavy traffic, either way, we avoided Local Traffic by staying on the highway.

Road Sign: Sad Sam's Firework OutletSad Sam's at it again...
playing those emotional games again
so that you'll buy a truckful of fireworks.

Road Sign: Flea Land!

Woo-Hoo! Flea Land!
Oh. Wait.
It's nothing like Disney Land, is it?!

**Keep your dog away from this place**

Road Sign: Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World
Again...Nothing like Disney World.

Road Sign: Translyvania University

Fans of Twilight and other vampire movies and books should
know that this is where all the cool vampires hang out,
at Transylvania U!

Restaurant Sign: Ho Ho Chinese Express

I'm not sure what the Eat-N-Go tag line is supposed to insinuate,
but we took no chances, especially with "Express" being part of the name.

Road Sign: Horse Carriage
Danger! Horse-drawn carriages on the loose!
This place was really beautiful and I wish I had seen one of those carriages!
You'd never know that I was taking this photo from the
McD's parking lot across the street.

Bar Sign: Beer:30Why is this place empty ?!
Every minute of the day, this parking lot should be jam packed.
Road Sign: Up In Smoke BBQ
A terrible, but wonderfully delicious fate seems
to await this cow at
the Up In Smoke BBQ.

Road Sign: Harley Davidson Horny Toad
Watch out for horned toads in Texas...along with those
pesky Horny Toads who'll take your motorcycle too.

Road Sign: Salt Lick BBQ I'll leave you with something to think about
that the Salt Lick put so eloquently...
Come to Texas and smell our pits!

What humorous signs have you encountered on your travels?! I'd love to see 'em!
**Just for the record...I don't know how these places compare to Disney Land or Disney World, but I'm sure they are quite nice in their own right. And we eat Chinese food at least once a week.**


Treble Hook said...

In 1989 I took a road trip with some friends. We drove from Ottawa, Canada to Louisville, KY to attend the Kentucky Derby. Sunday Silence won the Derby that year. We were in the infield at Churchill Downs, with all the other drunks. You might be able to see me in this Youtube video of the race!

It was a memorable trip and I remember seeing that road sign for Transylvania University.

Listening to the local radio stations was also memorable, especially the fundamentalist Christian preachers!

Attempting to buy beer in Kentucky was a chore. "Ya have to go to West Virginia for that, son."

CMurray said...

LOL - We didn't listen to the radio, rather the MP3 player, CDs or just talked instead. We didn't have the chance to try enjoy a cold brew, but we did enjoy Rally's burgers & fries. The ones in TX had closed years ago.
All in all, it was a good trip :)