Thursday, September 30, 2010

Montecito, CA

So... I've been a bit distracted lately.
Still taking photos, but haven't had the energy to post them.

I'll start with my most recent photos, since the memories of 
those are still fresh in my mind....

Took a quick trip to California.
Upon arriving, I noticed the overcast sky and the light drizzle...
It didn't last very long and the next day was bright and sunny.
Too sunny.  Headache sunny. At least the cool breeze made it bearable.

Took a quick tour through Lotusland... a botanical wonderland.
Check out the website, or visit this place if you can....
there's quite the history behind this beautiful place.

Lotusland: Yellow Roses

 Budding the bokeh effect here.

Lotusland: Botanical Sculptures

There were many other sculptures to see,
but I really like the fun shapes of these
with the mouse in the foreground.

Lotusland: Cactus

I like the contrast of the lighter cacti
against the darker, dense vegetation in
the background.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001 - We Remember

Locally, a memorial walk was held this evening to mark
the ninth anniversary of the Sept 11 attacks.
September 11: Memorial Walk, Fire Truck with US Flag

September 11: Memorial Walk, US Flags

September 11: Memorial Walk, Heroes Blvd

September 11: Memorial Walk, US Flag

September 11: Memorial Walk, Universal City Fire Truck with US Flag

We Remember.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Stuff at Grandma's House

 During lunch, I stopped in at my
Grandma's house for a quick visit.

She always has something good to eat,
and a bit of news from other family members.

As she was giving me an update,
I took a few photos to share with
those family members who
aren't able to see her as often as I can.

I like this metal dress frame...
Grandma sews many things, 
and this item just fits her style so well.
The pink cap was already on there,
and I liked how it went
with the 'dress'.

This princess or queen frog sits happily
facing the kitchen - just one of the many
toys that can be found there.

Grandma's seem to always have a collection of
mis-matched spoons, spatulas and knives
that are ready to whip up a meal when you show up.
And, it never matters which one gets used or
how many are needed to make a meal.
Over good conversation, it never matters.

This is one of the angels that is
watching over the house and
the people inside it.

Being at Grandma's house
seems to transport you back to
feeling like a ten year old kid...
listening to stories, making and sharing
a meal and just hanging out without
having to rush off to the next thing.

Just as a side note:
The 50mm lens was used on all
the above photos.