Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Towers of Information

Electric Towers in Texas
These towers remind me of ancient hieroglyphics.
Each one is standing tall, overlooking the roadways,
passing along information to one another.
Gotta love technology...
but maybe not all the cables & cords that come with it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Rainy Highway in Dallas,TX

As you know, I kept my camera nearby on our way
to and from our road trip adventure.
I didn't know what moments I'd be capturing
or even if I'd be able to chronicle this adventure properly.
I had no idea we'd see something like this...

On the way home, we encountered some rain in Dallas,
which was actually the only bad weather we saw on our trip.

Traffic on the highway was quickly slowing down,
as we saw police cars and emergency
vehicles with their flashing lights and blaring sirens
coming up from behind us.

Cars and trucks were switching lanes to
clear a path for them, as well as to give
a wide berth to what lay ahead...
Dallas, TX:Traffic Accident just before Exit 448 It must have been scary for the people involved!
Thankfully, it did seem that everyone involved was OK.

Dallas, TX: Pick-Up Truck and Car vs 18 WheelerAlong with the reflections on the road, there was some
debris from the impact of all 3 vehicles.
Dallas, TX: Traffic accident on rainy highway
As we drove past, it seemed really quiet.
It may have been that everyone was traveling at a
more leisurely pace than before, eyes on the road,
hands on the steering wheel.

Too bad this only lasted a minute or two,
as traffic picked up the pace and started moving forward....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Road Signs of the Times

Along the way to Kentucky, we saw many informative signs,
and some that left us laughing until the next one.

Here are some road sign photos to give you the giggles too:

Road Sign: Bucksnort This was probably funnier in the suburban,
but just say it out loud and you'll laugh too

Road Sign: Wang's Chinese Buffet
Not the best photo, thru the passenger window at 70 MPH.

Needless to say, we didn't stop at
Wang's All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet.

Road Sign: Local Traffic Is there anyone that wants to drive into Local Traffic? There was no mention if it was light or heavy traffic, either way, we avoided Local Traffic by staying on the highway.

Road Sign: Sad Sam's Firework OutletSad Sam's at it again...
playing those emotional games again
so that you'll buy a truckful of fireworks.

Road Sign: Flea Land!

Woo-Hoo! Flea Land!
Oh. Wait.
It's nothing like Disney Land, is it?!

**Keep your dog away from this place**

Road Sign: Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World
Again...Nothing like Disney World.

Road Sign: Translyvania University

Fans of Twilight and other vampire movies and books should
know that this is where all the cool vampires hang out,
at Transylvania U!

Restaurant Sign: Ho Ho Chinese Express

I'm not sure what the Eat-N-Go tag line is supposed to insinuate,
but we took no chances, especially with "Express" being part of the name.

Road Sign: Horse Carriage
Danger! Horse-drawn carriages on the loose!
This place was really beautiful and I wish I had seen one of those carriages!
You'd never know that I was taking this photo from the
McD's parking lot across the street.

Bar Sign: Beer:30Why is this place empty ?!
Every minute of the day, this parking lot should be jam packed.
Road Sign: Up In Smoke BBQ
A terrible, but wonderfully delicious fate seems
to await this cow at
the Up In Smoke BBQ.

Road Sign: Harley Davidson Horny Toad
Watch out for horned toads in Texas...along with those
pesky Horny Toads who'll take your motorcycle too.

Road Sign: Salt Lick BBQ I'll leave you with something to think about
that the Salt Lick put so eloquently...
Come to Texas and smell our pits!

What humorous signs have you encountered on your travels?! I'd love to see 'em!
**Just for the record...I don't know how these places compare to Disney Land or Disney World, but I'm sure they are quite nice in their own right. And we eat Chinese food at least once a week.**

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



After returning from a recent road trip to Kentucky
from Texas, we're now getting back into the
usual routine of things.

The photo above was taken through the
front windshield while driving by

After noticing the dark spots on the photo, the
windshield wipers were used, which only created
clean, dead bugs, that stayed along for the ride
until we stopped at a gas station that had a squeegee
to make them unboard the vehicle.

Tennessee TreesAlong the highway in Tennessee, trees lined both sides.
I rolled down the passenger window to snap
the photo above.
I like how the leaves bounce the sunlight
among the many tall, slender tree trunks.

Kentucky Farm Once in Kentucky, there seemed to be such
wide open spaces.
There were many
hay barns, silos, horses and cows.

More photos of this trip are on the way
(but you knew that already, haha)