A Little About Me

Life moves forward all the time...and sometimes it's on fast-forward. That's where I come in and try to capture those moments that might have been overlooked.

I'm lucky that my family and friends understand that if I'm going someplace, I'm taking my camera with me.

I've had the opportunity to photograph weddings, quincenceras, birthday parties and family gatherings...maybe not professionally or paid, but that doesn't mean that nothing was learned from those situations.

I might not always have the right settings or get the shot, but at least I'll try and I'm willing to share those attempts. Also, I've figured out that if I'm behind the camera,taking the photo, then most likely I won't be photographed.

Texas is my home, but I've visited other parts of the US and hope to travel more and more often, so that I can capture those images and share them with you.

I like to laugh - it's better than crying. I can be a bit sarcastic, some might say mean, but it's all in good fun...for the most part ;)

I'm also a Ford Mustang enthusiast and have another blog, Mustang-Alley.blogspot, where I share some of my experiences of owning and driving an American icon.

Thanks for stopping in for whatever reason. I'm glad that you're here and I hope to see you again soon!