Wednesday, July 28, 2010

San Antonio Photo Walk

Finally, I have some time to post photos
that I participated in on Saturday,
in San Antonio.

We began the walk in the evening,
so that we were not in the
summer sun for too long.

Our path took us along the Riverwalk,
and by several other landmarks.

I'd like to go back on my own
to "see" what I missed....sans camera.
Sometimes when viewing the world
thru the lens of a camera, you miss out
on some other experiences.

Bus Stop

Torch of Friendship

Riverwalk on the San Antonio River

Fun on Segways

San Fernando Church

Statue of San Antonio de Padua

Evening Sky with the Tower of the Americas to the left

You can visit the Flickr page to view
the group's photos, along with a few more
photos from me.

Looking at the photos from the other photographers,
I found that even though we were at the same
location, taking photos of the same places or things,
each person saw something vastly different than I did.

Not better or worse.
Just Different.

It makes you want to see things differently too.
It was a good learning experience.

Did you participate in the Worldwide Photo Walk?
Leave a link to your photos in the comments -
I'd like to see how you view the world!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fallen Fruit

Venturing outdoors in the
heat and humidity,
I found that the pears are
ripening and starting to fall from the tree.

Since there was so much rain the area,
there is an abundance of pears
and their weight has some of the branches
bowing down to the forces of gravity.

I picked some off the tree the other day,
but haven't tried them yet.

Fallen Pears

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Original Web

Tired of being on the computer,
surfin' the web I grabbed my camera
and headed to the backyard.

I thought maybe a butterfly I saw would
miraculously stay still long enough for
me to photograph it.
Instead, it kept fluttering along,
oblivious that it was a subject
being observed.

As I was walking along the back fence,
I nearly avoided a spiderweb.

Don't you hate it when you
walk into a spider's web?
The nearly invisible strands
against your skin....
It's just a creepy feeling.

Although, I'm sure the spider
isn't too happy about it either.

You may need to click on the images
for a better view...

Spiderweb: color photo

Spiderweb: black & white photo

I still can't decide which version I like best...
the original SOOC
or the B/W version, via Picasa.

Which version do you like better?

I know the photo could be better....
but I didn't feel like hanging around
too long with the resident spider
that close to me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

By The Lake

We were able to visit the Dam at Canyon Lake on
Monday evening, before the sun set for the day.

And, it was the perfect time and day to go....
Many of the holiday visitors had already left
and with the sun setting, temperatures were tolerable.

Canyon Lake Dam Rocks

Walking along the top of the dam, looking down
toward the water below.

Canyon Lake Dam Hill Country View

And then the view to the other side....
Lots of green on those hills due to
all the recent rain.

Canyon Lake Dam: View of Lake

While on our walk atop of the dam,
we had a great view of the few boats
that were still on the lake.

Friday, July 2, 2010

After the Rain

For the past few days, it rains some, then stops
and then rains some more.
In between one of these rain showers,
I walked around the backyard to see
what I would find to photograph.

I was hoping for some raindrops on flowers,
or some reflections.

Instead, I saw the wings of a dragonfly
that had been discarded...
unwillingly, I would suppose.

When I look at this photo,
I think it's kinda sad.
Not all photos can evoke
happiness, though.