Saturday, August 28, 2010

I ♥ NY

Earlier this month, I was able to visit New York for a few days.
Even though the daytime hours were reserved for work,
I was able to take a few quick shots walking
around the area either prior to or after the event.

New York: Archway with lights

 This one was taken in the morning, before it began to rain lightly. I walked right by it and then
just out of the corner of my eye... I "saw" it.
A photo waiting to be taken.
I only wish that I had taken a step or two back,
so that the full archway could have been included. 

New York: LOVE on the Sidewalk

I spotted LOVE across the street and I had to take it.

Since there were many couples that stopped to take a photo
with LOVE, waited a bit for it to be alone.
While waiting, I saw camera-phones, point and shoots
and DSLRS being used at this one spot.

After waiting about 10 minutes, I was able to
quickly take this photo, while others decided who
was going to be next to have their picture taken.
It wasn't until later that I noticed
that there was a man laying between the V and the E.

New York: One Way Signs

New York is full of skyscrapers and signs.
Even though I was originally looking at
the birds perched atop the signs when I took this photo,
it wasn't until I began this post that I noticed them again.

New York: Busy Sidewalk at Night

I'm going to say it... I love this photo.

It shows the fast pace of New York,
with skyscrapers lit up in the background,
the blurred bus zipping by and the people
walking along a busy street.

There's so much more to ♥ about NY
and hope to visit again with time
to explore more of it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inside an Antique Store

The indecision on how and where to spend my lunch hour lasted for about a minute, and once I realized
I had my camera with me, I knew I'd drive over to Gruene, Tx.

Seeking indoor shelter, due to the Noon Sun I entered
the Gruene Antique Company. Now, I've visited this store before, but never with a camera.
I felt like I had stepped into my Grandmother's house,
with her lifetime collection of....'things'.

I decided to use the nifty-fifty lens
(Canon 50mm F1.8 lens) to get to know it a bit better.
I'm glad I did - I felt that this was a perfect setting for me to try out this lens.  Once indoors, the low light was a stark contrast to the brilliantly bright sunshine found outdoors.

Once my eyes adjusted to the low light, I began exploring, walking on the sometimes creaky and sometimes uneven wood floors in the shop. I came across many items, books, figurines, tins, bottles, etc.... as you'll see below:

Rotary Telephones

I remember these...
They were the only types of phones around when I was a kid.
Dialing a number took about a minute, longer if you
mis-dialed and had to start over!

Printing Blocks

I love these -
Just because of the possibilities they hold,
and the stories to be told.

Wooden Blocks

Since the 50mm lens was being used,
I had no trouble filling the frame
with these blocks that were sitting in a bowl.

Tobacco Tins

The tin up front is in focus, with the slightly blurred background. 
Using the 50mm was great.

Molding for Baby Doll Heads

A most unusual find - cast molds to make baby doll heads.
At first, these were a bit disturbing...ok, they still are.

Overall, I spent about an hour looking into the past
as well as getting to know the 50mm better.
I really liked how well these photos turned out
using that lens.

If you've ever tried the 50mm (nifty-fifty)
what are your thoughts on it?