Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Trespassing

White Metal Fence
White Metal Fence ©Corina Murray

I feel that there's a haunting quality about this image
that I'm not able to pinpoint...

Where was this taken?
A cemetery? No...perhaps it could have been, though.

Could it be the Fleur de Lis design, the bit of cobweb
seen atop the closest part of the fence,
the repetition of the design and lines,
or maybe the dark, blurred background?

With all the above elements, this image could convey
something dark and ominous
something that's actually a bit peaceful,
left to decay one lil rust spot at a time.

There are so many other ways
that you can set the tone for your
photos to be perceived - with filters, lighting,
even post-processing....
but no matter how hard you try,
don't expect the same interpretation
from everyone who views your photos.

Your photos will mean different things
to different people.
It doesn't mean that one view is right or wrong,
or that the photo is good or bad -
everyone has a different vision.

Accept it. And, learn to see differently, too.