Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day

Sleet and Snow Build up on 2002 Ford Mustang GT
About noon today, it began to sleet and snow.
Luckily, I had my camera with me to snap a few photos
because it was all over too soon!

Icy View of Tree From Inside Car
Here was the view from inside the car, before the heat melted
away the snow / sleet that had built up on the windshield.
The wintery weather moved on
by the time the work day had ended.
It was still cold, but the
snow flakes and icy rain were gone.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gruene Friday

Historic Gruene Hall, with water tower in Gruene, Tx

I had noticed that the historic Gruene Dance Hall was
getting a facelift and decided to snap a photo.
I waited awhile to get this photo without any people in it.
I used that time to snap a few shots to adjust the
settings so that the Hall wasn't blown out or over-exposed.

The Grapevine in Gruene, TX
Walking around the back of the buildings yielded some nice photos too.
Wine-tasting can be done here at the Grapevine, also in Gruene, which
is just down the street from Gruene Hall.
The Grapevine in Gruene, TX
I especially like the colors in this photo.
This building is also part of the Grapevine.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Texas View

Texas Hill Country - Kerrville, TX On my way back from Kerrville, TX, I stopped
at one of the rest areas to take in the views.
No wonder they call it the Texas hill-country :)

Path at Rest Stop in Kerrville, TX
I was able to enjoy the bit of sunshine today,
while walking along this path.
It was a nice break from the
"drive, drive, drive"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Larger than Reality

Triptych of Large Deer Metal-Sculpture
Going through some of my photos, I came across this set from October 2009.

At that time, we were driving around, looking at the rising waters at the nearby creek from the recent rains. Off the main road, into a newer subdivision, we saw a huge sculpture looming near the entrance.

Driving closer, we saw it was a deer made of metal parts. Getting out of the suburban, I walked around it, taking photos, looking for any info on how or why this subdivision had taken in this huge animal.

Having a larger than life "pet" seems to be catching on -

Check out this site that a friend of mine created when she

took in an orphaned giant rooster!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This is Vegas, Baby

Penny Lady at Paris Casino - Las Vegas, NV
Vegas has its own scenery,
full of glitz, neon lights and noise.
The Paris casino provided this
lovely lady who spins endlessly
for pennies to be spent,
which will eventually turn into dollars.

Paris Neon Sign
Paris was lovely on the outside too.
I almost increased the shadows on this photo,
but liked that you could also see
the images that are visible in the day.

Harrah's Casino Entrance
Walking by Harrah's, I almost missed this shot completely...
but, out of the corner of my eye,
I noticed Viking boobs hanging over me.
Not exactly what I was expecting, but hey,

This is Vegas, Baby!

View from the Venetian Casino
This photo is being printed and hung on the wall.

Las Vegas at Night - View from Stratosphere
You have to go at night and get on all 3 rides.
If I can do it, so can you!

Note: No tripods allowed. :(

Monday, February 1, 2010

Only in Vegas

Storm Troopers in the Streets of VegasStorm Troopers in the streets.

Red M&M Giant M&Ms
( If only they were edible! )

MGM Lion in Las Vegas, NV Overlooking the strip was a giant lion surrounded by...

Atlas-like statues at MGM Casino Scantily clad men holding up either water bowls or ashtrays.

And, of course, we saw Elvis everywhere,too.
All stages of his life were seen -
young Elvis
old Elvis
skinny Elvis
overweight Elvis
side-burns Elvis
balding Elvis
casually dressed Elvis
rhinestoned, blue suede shoes Elvis