Saturday, November 14, 2009

View from Below

Collage of Airshow at Randolph Air Force Base, TX
Last weekend at the air show, everyone was shielding their eyes from the sun to see the F-22 Raptor in action. And, while the announcer was providing details, the pilot would manuever the plane above the audience.

As it flew past, I took as many photos as I could...determined that I'd be able to obtain a few good photos. While I kept my eye on the sky, it was Brian that pointed out that EVERYone (except that woman who turned at the last second!) had their eyes glued to the sky. So, I snapped a photo of them too. I think it helps to complete the story in the collage.

Just before the Raptor was to perform a fly-by, I put the camera down to cover my ears.  It rattled my ear drums nonetheless as it passed by :)


Treble Hook said...

This is an interesting collage.

Photos of fighter planes do not interest me, but the crowd shot immediately sparked my curiosity. The woman who is looking in the opposite direction from everyone else in the crowd. I wonder why? Maybe she's like me and doesn't really think the air show is "all that"?

CMurray said...

But if we knew why, then it might not be as intriguing... kinda like how the Mona Lisa seems to be smiling :)

Treble Hook said...

Corina wrote:

> But if we knew why, then it
> might not be as intriguing...

Absolutely. You're right.

You know, I used to play a flight sim game on my PC. It was called F-22 Raptor. It was a lot of fun -- once I finally figured out how to get off the runway and get into the air!

CMurray said...

haha, I know if I tried one of those games, it would end badly.

Thanks for your comments, I hadn't thought of the crowd photo in that manner.

Anonymous said...