Sunday, June 7, 2009

Beneath the Surface

Clover and the Roots BeneathAbout a week or so ago, I decided to check out the backyard to see what type of damage there is due to the lack of rain. It seemed that the grass has suffered and the weeds, especially clover, were abundant, slowly taking over the back yard.

After trying to pull up some of the clover, I decided to dig a little. As I was uncovering the roots, I was astonished to see the network that had been created just below the surface, to unsuspecting eyes.

Little by little, I've made some progress in removing them..along, with a pair of gloves and a shovel and lots of sweet iced tea.


Brian said...

Your photos are so good. I'm happy I discovered your blog. I think I was googling on "photoblogs+vermont" and I eventually stumbled on to your blog, even though you're not in Vermont...

I just started taking photos myself... 'recently bought my first digital camera.

I created a photo blog too. It's here. 'Only two photos on it so far, though.

I'm hoping my blog will be as interesting and as honest as yours is.

A fan,

North Bay CANADA

Corina said...

Thanks for nice words, Brian.
The photo you took of Foran Street is fantastic!