Monday, August 17, 2009

Green Light - Go!

Long Exposure Photo of Stop Lights Ever wonder what your camera sees if you leave the shutter open just a bit longer?

I wondered.

So, as we were approaching an intersection with
traffic lights, I decided to find out.

To the camera, it looks like we're going 100 MPH...but in all reality, we probably were lumbering along about 30 MPH.

Once I downloaded this photo, I did increase the shadows on it in Picasa to increase the focus on the light streaks.

I love it how looks like we flew past the intersection. We really didn't, I promise!


Brian said...

Cool experiment. The photo makes me think of Las Vegas at night.

Coincidentally, another one of my favorite photobloggers, Sam Javanrouh, recently posted a photo of an audience inside a movie house. He used the same long exposure technique, I believe, but for a different purpose.

CMurray said...

After I saw my photos, I thought of lightning - something I haven't been able to capture...Yet!

As for the link you provided - I like how the colors from the film being shown stream out from the projection room.