Monday, September 21, 2009

California Views

Hotel View overlooking mountains in Santa Barbara, CA

This photo above was taken from the patio of the hotel where I was staying for a few days. A mountain view isn't something I get to see everyday, so I definitely wanted to bring that sight to share back home. Palm trees line the streets there, as do the pecan trees that we have here in Texas. Spanish architecture can be found on most buildings, with the red roof tiles, archways and stucco exteriors.

Palm Tree at Santa Barbara, CA airport

While waiting at the airport, I was able to sit outside in the parking lot under the shade of a palm tree. Here, I had a great view of the incoming airplanes, not to mention some hummingbirds that were a bit too fast for me to photograph!

2 Airplanes Returning from Re-seeding Mountains in Santa Barbara, CA

These two planes were coming in after re-seeding the mountains in the background. Recent wildfires in the area along with little rain have left the mountainside bare. It would be great to see what the area looks like when the trees and plant-life take hold of the mountains once again.

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