Sunday, October 25, 2009

In the Corner

Black and White of Baskets with Clothespins and Newspapers
Taking my camera everywhere has become a habit for me...
Some find this annoying, others find it quirky and still some just don't get "it".

All I can say is, I like taking photographs...I want to capture something that others might have overlooked or seen as just an everyday object.

Visiting my Grandmother, I took some photos of her and her house while she was talking to me about the weather, the holidays and everything else in between.

Walking into her house is like strolling through an antique shop... There's an old Singer sewing machine (which she still uses!), old glassware, black and white photos (when that's all there was) and figurines of all kinds.

Glancing around the house one last time, I saw this basket and bucket in the corner and casually snapped a photo.

I didn't think much of it, until I cropped it and converted it to black and white in Picasa. I think it conveys the rest of the easy going it is there, with the simple things in life like clothespins and rolled up newspapers.


Donna said...

I like this photo! one of my favorite you have posted.

CMurray said...

Thanks, Donna!