Sunday, December 27, 2009

Film Daze

Canon Rebel SLR Film CameraSo the great debate of film vs digital cameras has been played out.
It seems that digital has gained popularity quickly, while film is now considered to be another relic of the past.

I'm almost afraid to find a new home for my trusty Canon SLR camera.
I have come up with many excuses to keep it...
- it's a back-up
- what if the digital age ends
- it might become a cherished (and valuable) item
- maybe I can pass it down
- it's still a great camera
- now I know what all the settings are for

Funny thing is - I've tried to re-home it, but it seems that it's not as valuable to anyone but me.
So until then, I'm keeping it, 'cause it really is an excellent camera and I have many, many photos to prove it.


Treble Hook said...

I think you're doing the right thing to hold on to it. It's a beautiful looking camera from the photo above.

Years ago, around 1988 I think, I bought my first SLR film camera. I had recently moved to a new apt and was living alone. My apt got broken into one afternoon and they stole the few items of values that I had: my audio system and my new camera. The worse part was I didn't have insurance!

After that I never got around to buying another SLR camera. I'm not sure why. I went back to point and shoots and didn't do a lot of photography for many years.

In the past 2 years or so I've been looking at photoblogs a lot and my interest in photography has been rekindled. So last year I bought my Panasonic Lumix digital camera. It's a point and shoot but it's got a Leica lens and it takes really nice pictures.

But now I'm starting to hanker for something better. A digital SLR. As always, money is the deciding factor. But for the time being I'm pretty happy with my current camera.

CMurray said...

Often times, it can be cumbersome to have the SLR (film or digital) due to their size and it can make some people uncomfortable...a few other reasons to have a point & shoot.
Glad you didn't give up on photography entirely - the photos you've shared give me insight into other places, thru someone else's viewpoint.