Friday, March 19, 2010

Rainy Highway in Dallas,TX

As you know, I kept my camera nearby on our way
to and from our road trip adventure.
I didn't know what moments I'd be capturing
or even if I'd be able to chronicle this adventure properly.
I had no idea we'd see something like this...

On the way home, we encountered some rain in Dallas,
which was actually the only bad weather we saw on our trip.

Traffic on the highway was quickly slowing down,
as we saw police cars and emergency
vehicles with their flashing lights and blaring sirens
coming up from behind us.

Cars and trucks were switching lanes to
clear a path for them, as well as to give
a wide berth to what lay ahead...
Dallas, TX:Traffic Accident just before Exit 448 It must have been scary for the people involved!
Thankfully, it did seem that everyone involved was OK.

Dallas, TX: Pick-Up Truck and Car vs 18 WheelerAlong with the reflections on the road, there was some
debris from the impact of all 3 vehicles.
Dallas, TX: Traffic accident on rainy highway
As we drove past, it seemed really quiet.
It may have been that everyone was traveling at a
more leisurely pace than before, eyes on the road,
hands on the steering wheel.

Too bad this only lasted a minute or two,
as traffic picked up the pace and started moving forward....

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