Wednesday, March 10, 2010



After returning from a recent road trip to Kentucky
from Texas, we're now getting back into the
usual routine of things.

The photo above was taken through the
front windshield while driving by

After noticing the dark spots on the photo, the
windshield wipers were used, which only created
clean, dead bugs, that stayed along for the ride
until we stopped at a gas station that had a squeegee
to make them unboard the vehicle.

Tennessee TreesAlong the highway in Tennessee, trees lined both sides.
I rolled down the passenger window to snap
the photo above.
I like how the leaves bounce the sunlight
among the many tall, slender tree trunks.

Kentucky Farm Once in Kentucky, there seemed to be such
wide open spaces.
There were many
hay barns, silos, horses and cows.

More photos of this trip are on the way
(but you knew that already, haha)


Donna said...

I really like parts of Tennessee. I bet if you went in spring or summer Kentucky would be gorgeous!!

CMurray said...

To me, it's beautiful now! We had cool weather and sunny skies too :)