Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Waiting Game

Typically, I don't have the patience to wait for
a photo opportunity to present
itself to me.

So, last week, I decided to test out my patience
and see if I could obtain a photo with the birds that
have been using my Mustang as target practice
I saw outside.

I swapped out the 50mm lens for the 70-300mm Canon lens
and pulled up a patio chair and waited.
And waited.
And swatted a mosquito or two

After about 3 minutes, I took a few test shots
of the trees and their new spring leaves.
But those shots were boring.

So I waited some more.

Finally this bird lands on the fence.
Now, I'm still close enough to where he
can see me, so I move
s l o w l y
and take two photos before he
decides that he'd rather be hidden in a tree elsewhere.

I posted this photo, 'cause I like
how the 'bird march' was captured.

I really have to give the wildlife / bird photographers
credit for the patience they have....'cause after those
two photos, I headed inside.

I was done waiting.


Treble Hook said...

LOL "Bird march". It really does look like it is marching!

I believe your patience paid off. And I like the way you kept it all balanced and symmetrical with the fence bordering the bottom of the frame.

Is is a mourning dove? We have those hear in Ontario as well...

CMurray said...

I looked it up and from what I've seen online, it's a white-winged dove.
I must admit, Picasa "helped" with the making the fence straight along the bottom of the photo :)

Donna said...

That's a white wing alright. He is the southern cousin to the mourning dove. I like his march too! Great job, the lighting on his back is nice too.

CMurray said...

Thanks Donna :)