Sunday, June 13, 2010

After the Flood

Earlier this week, the rain kept fallin',
causing some flooding in Gruene
and surrounding areas in Texas.

The flooding occured in the early morning hours
and subsided as the day wore on.

There were many photos being
circulated online as things were happening -
it's amazing to see how fast things like that
get posted online.

I walked out to the bridge - that was recently
re-constructed to be a bit
higher to allow for tubers to safely
travel beneath it - and saw that
the water easily rose above it.

Mother Nature is a powerful force
and can be scary and amazing at the same time....

After the Flood: Debris on Bridge in Gruene TX, Jun 9, 2010

After the Flood: Rise and Fall of the Guadalupe River Jun 9, 2010


Treble Hook said...

Very dramatic photos. The first one is especially good, with nice selective focus. The yellow police tape in the foreground is really effective in communicating the mood.

CMurray said...

The mood was especially somber - loss of life, along with property occured in this flood. It was a reminder to all that things can change in an instant.
Thank you for your reflection on the scene above.