Monday, June 21, 2010

Doggone Cute Photos

In one of my previous posts,
I introduced our dog, Shelby, a fox terrier mix.

In this photo, she's giving you the
"I've got the sweetest face ever" look that
sometimes works when she wants a treat or
just some attention.

Shelby - Fox Terrier mix
Even though she would have preferred to remain
the only (and, thus favorite) furry pet of the house,
Shelby now has a lil' brother...Bentley!

He's about a 2 year old yorkie mix..we think :)

Bentley - Yorkie mix

Bentley is playful, somewhat protective
(barks when the doorbell rings) and
just has that mischievous look about him.

He's quick to learn, likes going for walks
and is super-curious!

Aside from a little jealousy from time to time,
these two get along pretty good,
which makes life that much easier.


Treble Hook said...

Wonderful pics! Thank you so much for sharing these, C. Shelby is as adorable as she was in the portrait from last year. Both animals look very healthy and content. That's what I like to see..

CMurray said...

Thanks, TH :) And, I found that outdoor photos work best since they're more active than when they're inside, snoozing.