Thursday, September 30, 2010

Montecito, CA

So... I've been a bit distracted lately.
Still taking photos, but haven't had the energy to post them.

I'll start with my most recent photos, since the memories of 
those are still fresh in my mind....

Took a quick trip to California.
Upon arriving, I noticed the overcast sky and the light drizzle...
It didn't last very long and the next day was bright and sunny.
Too sunny.  Headache sunny. At least the cool breeze made it bearable.

Took a quick tour through Lotusland... a botanical wonderland.
Check out the website, or visit this place if you can....
there's quite the history behind this beautiful place.

Lotusland: Yellow Roses

 Budding the bokeh effect here.

Lotusland: Botanical Sculptures

There were many other sculptures to see,
but I really like the fun shapes of these
with the mouse in the foreground.

Lotusland: Cactus

I like the contrast of the lighter cacti
against the darker, dense vegetation in
the background.

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