Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mustang Purgatory

2002 Ford Mustang Front View wrecked

2002 Ford Mustang with blown airbags

Since March 20, 2009 my car has been pretty much in this same state, ever since another woman failed to yield the right of way. It was not the way I intended to begin my Friday morning, which was also the last day of school before Spring Break for my daughter, who was in the car when this occured.

While the car is totally repairable, the cost of repairs vs. the blue book value is teetering on making this a total loss. No sense in putting down a good, well taken care of car, now is there?

First, it's deemed a total loss. By my own insurance company.
Since I was not at fault, I waited for the other insurance adjuster's report.
They tell me the car IS repairable and NOT a total loss.
They write up an estimate and send me a check for repairs.
The body shop requests a supplement to the original estimate.
Now I'm being told that the car is deemed a total loss.

At this point, I'm weighing my options.

So, for now, my car looks like she belongs in the movie 'Death Race',
instead of in my driveway.

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deej said...

OMFG - Are you and Jasmine okay? I had no idea!!!!! YOU NEVER TELL ME ANYTHING ANYMORE!

Sorry about your car. :(

I like your blog tho - have you tried twitter yet????