Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ford, Cookin' Rice Since 1965

Ford Mustang GTs 1987 2000 2002 Front View

Ford Mustang GTs 2002 2000 1987 Rear View When I first met my husband online, we decided to meet in person at a car wash. Appropriate? Maybe not for most people….but for us, it worked.
A year and a half later, we have the three of them parked in the driveway.

Now, if we go anywhere together in our separate cars, we tend to attract a lot of attention. That can be really good, or it can be just the opposite, especially since you can hear us before you see us.

The header of my blog is a photo of my husband’s 2000 Ford Mustang GT.
I chose that photo to be the header since it shows the forward movement of life, that the road of life is open and that we are the drivers of our own destiny.

On either side of his car, are my black Mustangs, a 1987 5.0 GT and a 2002 GT.
From my previous post, the 2002 is in an undetermined state at the moment.
I’m using the ’87 as my daily driver - it’s not just a grocery-getter anymore. Usually, this car sat on the sidelines, waiting for a nice enough day to be driven.

Someday, I’d like to own a classic Mustang, 1965-69, or be able to get a new Shelby GT500 for my husband. Heck, the way we’re going….maybe we’ll wind up with both!
LOL – “Fat chance”, he says. Well, it’s true… it’s not easy maintaining the trio, since they’re just as demanding and expensive as anyone can be.

The best part about owning three Mustangs is that we encounter a lot of people who love the cars, who have owned or wanted one at some point in their lives, and want to share their stories with us.

If you'd like to share your story, we'd love to hear from you!

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