Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Adventures

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi
This past weekend we traveled to Corpus Christi! The entire time the weather was overcast and the reports were threatening rain....But, we didn't see a single rain drop! ha!

We visited the Texas State Aquarium, the sandy beach and toured the USS Lexington.

The Texas State Aquarium was pretty cool. The underwater view of the dolphins as they swim by effortlessly was easily my favorite spot.

The time we spent on the beach was great! We enjoyed the never-ending waves on the sandy beach. And, the search for sand dollars could have went on for miles. It was fun watching the sandpipers run away from the incoming waves. Best of all...We didn't get the SUV trapped in the sand, either. Whew! 'Cause we borrowed it from my parents!

Since the USS Lexington was right next to the Texas State Aquarium, we decided to give it a full day's worth of attention and went the following day.

If you ever visit this place, bring your walking shoes! We walked up, down, across, in and out of this aircraft carrier. Without realizing it, we spent at least 4 hours exploring the ship, reading about the ship, war planes, battles and people.

It is an awesome place to visit. It makes history a reality. It's not just dates to memorize, it's making that connection to those people and the equipment they utilized, experiencing history first hand.

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