Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flight of the Birds

Birds in flightBirds.
They don't know that the area above our cars are no-fly zones.

I took this photo back in March, during one of my lunch breaks. I was trying out a used lens that I purchased a month or two before. I was changing out the lens at a picnic table when I noticed this flock of pigeons scooting about the ground. After securing both lenses, one on the camera and the other in the bag, I took a photo of them while they were grounded.

Then I stood up and startled the birds into a short take-off. I realized that would make a more interesting photo than one of just birds on the ground. So, I quickly sat down again. That seemed to placate them. They stopped their take-off to land back on the ground.

Agitating the birds once again, I stood up with my camera all set to snap a photo. This time, they did not return. But I got my picture with my trusty Canon Rebel SLR.

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