Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cool Machines

Yellow Front Loaders
Right off IH35, just past the FM1103 exit, there's this place that rents out these construction machines. I've driven by there so many times and always wanted to stop to snap a photo.
I liked the way they parked them along the access road, with the buckets raised. Almost like they're raising their "hands" as a "hello" or "goodbye" to all the traffic that goes by on the highway.
I also like the way the yellow contrasts with the black and the shadows created by the buckets.
As you can see...I finally took that photo.... back in February 2009 (Hey, I didn't have this blog then!).
At the time, I was using my Canon Rebel FILM Camera. That's right. Film. I haven't used that camera lately. There's still half a roll of film left in it, too. Guess I'll pick it up over the weekend and finish it out.

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