Thursday, May 7, 2009

unLucky Bamboo

Bamboo vase
The "lucky" bamboo that was housed next to this old man met an untimely death after about 3 years in my cubicle.

A few years after the demise of the bamboo, I still have this "vase" which looks like an old tree trunk. It's been sitting outside on the patio for quite sometime now. I'm not exactly sure why I still have it.

I was outside the other day, looking for something interesting to utilize what photography skills I have and I thought, sure why not? He's not looking directly at the camera, rather someplace in the distance, off to the left. He doesn't seem to mind the camera right in his face. He's pretty relaxed, not stiffly posed...well, OK, maybe he is.

I think that's how people should look in their photos:

- relaxed
- not looking directly into the camera, but not hiding from it either
- not noticeably posed

I'll try to remember that myself the next time Brian tries to snap a photo of me!

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