Friday, May 1, 2009

The Drive In Theatre of Years Gone By

Starlite Drive-In Theater Sign, Schertz TX
2000 Red Ford Mustang GT at Starlite Drive-in Theater
Apparently, in Schertz Texas, there used to be a Starlite Drive-In Theatre. Like many Drive-Ins, this one has been closed for many, many years. I've searched online for some additional information about this place, but have only found that its capacity was anywhere from 175-200 cars.

I've passed by this sign for many years now, dreading the day it gets torn down to make way for 'city improvements'. When we stopped to take these photos, a man stopped to let us know that the movie screen was still standing, behind some trees. All this time, I didn't even think the movie screen would still be standing! It's certainly not visible least, I hadn't noticed it before.

I took these photos late in the day and there were long shadows to contend with, as seen in the bottom photo.

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