Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Surprise

2000 Ford Mustang GT with Johnny Lightning Model
2000 Ford Mustang GT with Johnny Lightning Model

For my husband's surprise birthday party last year, he had the idea that I bought him a car.

In all reality, I had found a 2000 Mustang GT Johnny Lightning car to match his car.... Only problem was, it was painted green. So, I had it painted to match his car, with the addition of stripes!

On the day of the party, I had to 'lure' him away from the house so that our parents could set up the decorations. So, we went to a few stores to run some 'errands'. At the last store, he decided to wait in the car while I ran in to pick up a few items. While I was still in the store, he found the original packaging for the toy car in the console of MY car on the day of the party!

He didn't realize then that it was for him, but he tells me that he knew something was up, because EVERYONE kept calling me every 10 minutes to ask where we were.

Once at the house, the entire family was waiting to surprise him. He found his new car on top of his birthday cake.

He now tells me it's the 'greatest thing, ever!' hahaha.... He can be so sarcastic.

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