Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day 2009

4th of July, Independence Day Collage
For the 4th of July, we had sparklers and a few other fireworks on hand. (Click on the image for a larger view)
Of course, I had my camera with me set to the continuous shooting mode.

Of the 20+ photos taken, I couldn't choose just one photo, so this collage displays some of my favorites.

We had lots of fun, especially with the sparklers. Those are perfect to photograph, since they last longer and they can be moved easily with a wave of the hand, as demonstrated by my husband.

The other cool thing is if you can keep still or even better, use a tripod (which I did not) motion can be captured with a long shutter speed. That's my husband in the photo with the smoke, lighting and then quickly moving away from one of the fireworks.

After the fireworks were complete, we fired up the grill and had burgers and hot dogs...naturally!

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