Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cicada Shells

Cicada Husk on Tire
Cicada husks can be found just about anywhere this time of year...on houses, trees, mailboxes and apparently, tires!

They emerge from their shell and are transformed into winged insects, but they must wait for their wings to harden before taking flight. Once they are in the trees, they are nearly impossible to see, as they are as green as the leaves around them. Even though they aren't easily seen, they can be heard for blocks, making an incessant buzzing noise!

Before taking off to work earlier this week, I found another cicada on my front tire, with his newly transformed self sitting next to who he used to be. After taking a few photos, I moved him to a new spot so that he'd be able to fly away later. Pay no attention to the dirty rims :)Newly Emerged Cicada Next to Old Self on Tire

Green Cicada Next to Old Husk on Tire

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