Thursday, July 2, 2009

Double Take

My Mustang GT has undergone a transformation of sorts.
Brian insisted that we should put stripes on her to match his car.
Tri-County Collision agreed to do the stripes and used Brian's car to match the paint and scheme. They also were nice enough to let me go 'behind the scenes' to snap a photos of the Mustang while it was in progress. Thanks guys!
Driving the car home from Tri-County Collision was so fun!
We were both on the highway,
2 Mustang GTs, with inverted colors and people were staring and pointing at us.
Even though I was hesitant to put stripes on the car, I think it looks great!


Donna said...

You guys (and your vehicles) are just so darn cute! No wait, I am sure you don't want your vehicles to be called "cute", do you... um... "super cool and awesome"!

Corina said...

You know it! Thanks, Donna!