Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picasa Parade

A little boy stood out from the crowd, intently watching the marching band as they paraded down the street.

I tried to capture this moment, however, standing behind the crowd wasn't the best place to set up, but it was the only seat on the street, er sidewalk (but that doesn't rhyme!)

After cropping the photo and making some edits in Picasa, I couldn't choose just one version to post.

Plus, I thought this would be a good way to show off some effects that Picasa has to offer. There are so may different combinations to try!

I started off with just a cropped version of the original photo, then clicked over to the Effects tab. Once there, I could preview how each effect could customize and maybe even enhance (or not) the photos.

Be sure to use the 'Save A Copy' feature to save the edited photo and maintain the original photo. You'll have to 'undo' the effects on the original photo though, since the saved photo with all the effects is under a different file name, usually with the suffix of '-1', ie. PhotoName-1.jpg.

Which version strikes your fancy and why? Let me know in your comments!

1. Original Photo...Not Cropped.
Marching Band in Parade

2. Cropped Photo, with the Shadow factor increased ever so slightly.
Using Picasa: Cropped Photo of Band Marching in Parade

3. Cropped Photo - Using the Focal Black & White effect.
Using Picasa Special Effects: Cropped Photo and Focal Black and White Option
4. Cropped Photo - Using a combination of Sepia and Film Grain. Using Picasa Sepia Effect

5. Cropped Photo - Using a combination of Soft Focus and Focal Black & White. Using Picasa: Soft Focus and Black & White Focal Options

6. Full Photo - Using the Soft Focus effect.Using Picasa: Soft Focus Effect

7. Full Photo - Using a combination of Soft Focus and the Focal Black & White effects.
Using Picasa: Soft Focus and Focal Black & White


Treble Hook said...

What a great post, and a well chosen title as well!

I've tried many different photo editing apps but not Picasa. I must check it out. I have Photoshop on my comp but using it has always been frustrating for me. I thought that with time I would get used to it and would become more adept with it. 'Not gonna' happen. I think I'll give Picasa a try.

CMurray said...

I must admit that my husband came up with the title and I thought it was great too!
It's the other way around for me...I use Picasa since I don't have photoshop. Try it out, let me know if you like it or not.