Friday, July 9, 2010

By The Lake

We were able to visit the Dam at Canyon Lake on
Monday evening, before the sun set for the day.

And, it was the perfect time and day to go....
Many of the holiday visitors had already left
and with the sun setting, temperatures were tolerable.

Canyon Lake Dam Rocks

Walking along the top of the dam, looking down
toward the water below.

Canyon Lake Dam Hill Country View

And then the view to the other side....
Lots of green on those hills due to
all the recent rain.

Canyon Lake Dam: View of Lake

While on our walk atop of the dam,
we had a great view of the few boats
that were still on the lake.


Anonymous said...

Nice shots of my lake... I like it!

CMurray said...

thanks for sharing it :) wish i could go back more often!