Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Original Web

Tired of being on the computer,
surfin' the web I grabbed my camera
and headed to the backyard.

I thought maybe a butterfly I saw would
miraculously stay still long enough for
me to photograph it.
Instead, it kept fluttering along,
oblivious that it was a subject
being observed.

As I was walking along the back fence,
I nearly avoided a spiderweb.

Don't you hate it when you
walk into a spider's web?
The nearly invisible strands
against your skin....
It's just a creepy feeling.

Although, I'm sure the spider
isn't too happy about it either.

You may need to click on the images
for a better view...

Spiderweb: color photo

Spiderweb: black & white photo

I still can't decide which version I like best...
the original SOOC
or the B/W version, via Picasa.

Which version do you like better?

I know the photo could be better....
but I didn't feel like hanging around
too long with the resident spider
that close to me.

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