Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inside an Antique Store

The indecision on how and where to spend my lunch hour lasted for about a minute, and once I realized
I had my camera with me, I knew I'd drive over to Gruene, Tx.

Seeking indoor shelter, due to the Noon Sun I entered
the Gruene Antique Company. Now, I've visited this store before, but never with a camera.
I felt like I had stepped into my Grandmother's house,
with her lifetime collection of....'things'.

I decided to use the nifty-fifty lens
(Canon 50mm F1.8 lens) to get to know it a bit better.
I'm glad I did - I felt that this was a perfect setting for me to try out this lens.  Once indoors, the low light was a stark contrast to the brilliantly bright sunshine found outdoors.

Once my eyes adjusted to the low light, I began exploring, walking on the sometimes creaky and sometimes uneven wood floors in the shop. I came across many items, books, figurines, tins, bottles, etc.... as you'll see below:

Rotary Telephones

I remember these...
They were the only types of phones around when I was a kid.
Dialing a number took about a minute, longer if you
mis-dialed and had to start over!

Printing Blocks

I love these -
Just because of the possibilities they hold,
and the stories to be told.

Wooden Blocks

Since the 50mm lens was being used,
I had no trouble filling the frame
with these blocks that were sitting in a bowl.

Tobacco Tins

The tin up front is in focus, with the slightly blurred background. 
Using the 50mm was great.

Molding for Baby Doll Heads

A most unusual find - cast molds to make baby doll heads.
At first, these were a bit disturbing...ok, they still are.

Overall, I spent about an hour looking into the past
as well as getting to know the 50mm better.
I really liked how well these photos turned out
using that lens.

If you've ever tried the 50mm (nifty-fifty)
what are your thoughts on it?


Treble Hook said...

These are superb. You give a lot of credit to your 50mm prime lense and it has indeed done a great job (depth, color, focus..) But your framing and choice of interesting subjects - your "good eye" - have also contributed greatly to making these pics work so well. Great work. 'Looking forward to more nifty-fifty shots in the future.

CMurray said...

Thank you! I was surprised at how fun it is to use that lens! You really have to move your feet to (zoom in or out)get the right distance and/or focus. Can't wait to try it out again!