Thursday, October 27, 2011


October Clouds

Let me start by saying, I love clouds!

They can add a bit of drama to landscape photos
or help with diffusing the light on overcast days.

Clouds are ever-changing as they float on by...
puffy bits of fluff on clear days, 
towering and intimidating in stormy weather
and casually stretched out as feathery
wisps on windy days.

They also help in adding color to the sky...
often pale pinks & soft yellows in the mornings
or a sheer orange against a violet
blue sky as the sun sets in the evening,
to different shades of gray on moody, rainy days.

Sometimes, I think the world is moving
at such a quick pace, that we forget to take in
the simple things available, like...
watching the clouds pass by,
looking for recognizable shapes,
or as the sun settles in for the night,
seeing the colors fade into darkness.

How often do you get the chance to stop
and watch the clouds as they cross the sky?

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