Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pretty 'N Pink

2002 Ford Mustang at Prince Solms Park

Back in March '09, before the incident on March 20th, I had packed my Canon SLR film camera in the car before heading out to work. I thought that after a few hours on the job, I would need to let my creative side take over the analytical side of my brain.

So, during my lunch break, I drove to Prince Solms Park to take a few photos before the summer frenzy begins. During the summer months, this place is lined with cars, since people travel from all over to go tubin' on the Guadalupe River.

While I was there, I took a few photos of the blooming crepe myrtle trees, using different settings on the camera. From this angle, I noticed just how solitary it felt at a place that's usually busy. I lined up the shot to make the crepe myrtle the focus of this photo. The edge of the curb leads your eye towards the center of the photo.

In color, this is an OK photo. I knew it could be more than just an OK photo.

So, I took it into Picasa and used the Focal B&W setting, making the color of the crepe myrtle come alive. In the B&W version, the vibrant colors of the trees aren't clamoring for your eye's attention. The focus is centered on the blooming flowers of one tree....and of course it doesn't hurt to have a nice clean Mustang GT in the photo either.

The car doesn't mind not being the center of attention every once in awhile. :)

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