Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5.0 Ford Mustang

1987 Ford Mustang 5.0This plate belongs on the engine of my car, a 1987 Ford Mustang GT, just in case I ever forgot what kind of make and model it is. :)

Lately, it's been living on the coffee table as a conversation piece. Eventually, it will be cleaned up, re-painted and installed back on the car.

I've been having to use the '87 as my daily driver, since the 2002 Mustang GT is out of commission due to an incident that I posted about earlier.

Don't get me wrong, I like driving this car, however since it's 20+ years old, there's much more maintenance needed. Even so, it's still "Not For Sale".


Alida Thorpe said...

They don't put metal on cars like they used to. A little too much plastic now for me!
Good image for Photo Friday’s metal challenge!

Corina said...

Ha - I've noticed that too about the newer cars, it's like driving around in a Rubbermaid container! Thanks Alida!