Thursday, July 30, 2009

Portrait of a Dog

Terrier Mix-Breed Dog, Shelby SmilingThis is Shelby or rather, ShellBEE in your best hillbilly voice.

We first saw Shelby at a shelter after losing our beloved Buddy, a toy Rat Terrier, who was smarter than some people I've encountered ;-)

Her name was actually Sheba, but since there are Ford Mustangs in the driveway, a more suitable name was needed. Sheba became Shelby and she didn't seem to mind the change one bit, especially when she's called and there's a treat to be had.

When she's happy, really happy, she smiles...She has smile wrinkles that appear on her face, as seen in the photo above. She's happiest when her best friend (my daughter) gives her lots of attention.

Unfortunately, Shelby sheds fur. Not just a little bit, either. I can sweep around the house and I swear there's enough fur in the dust pan to make another dog! Yikes!

What quirky traits do your pets have? And, is there a story behind their name?
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Bran said...

She really is smiling!

Last night I watched a disturbing animal rights film called Earthlings. And so it warms my heart to know that you took Shelby from a shelter and gave her a loving home.

Shelby is beautiful and it's clear from the photo and from what you've written that she gets a lot of love and is one of the family.

Corina said...

Yeah - She gets tons of attention and we get covered in all works out :)

Treble Hook said...

How is my friend Shelby doing! I just love this photo of her. Would love to see some more - if you take requests!

CMurray said...

I have many more with her new 'brother' Bentley. Will post soon!